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TAS recruits through the Tata Group's various sectors.


As part of their training, TAS recruits are taken through the Tata Group’s various sectors, businesses, financials and development strategies, by some of the best managing directors and top level executives. They visit corporate offices, factories and plants of various Group companies and interact with management executives as well as the operation teams in order to further their learning experience.

TAS by TATA a flagship leadership programme conceived by JRD Tata.

India's FIRST. India's FINEST.

TAS, formerly known as the Tata Administrative Services, is the flagship leadership programme conceived by JRD Tata, the late chairman of the Tata Group in 1956.

With TAS, he aimed to create a talent pipeline of leaders who would steer the Group companies and make them stronger - fortifying the Tata Group as well as contributing to nation-building.


Leader speak

"The Tata Administrative Service is an excellent concept – to induct talented young men and women into the house of Tata with a perspective greater than any one company and mobility across functions and corporate entities. The rotation period of a year and the ‘incubation’ for five years appears to have evolved into a very good programme. In the next phase, the Group perhaps needs to look at development needs and retention of talented managers through their middle management phase and upto their entry into senior management. TAS could provide excellent learning and insight to how such an effort could be designed and implemented."

Mr. K.R.S Jamwal,
Executive Director, Tata Industries